Custom Laser Cut Gasket & Stencil Fabrication

Custom Made Stencils

Businesses needing custom stencils will find PBS Engraving produces quality stencils using the latest laser engraving techniques. Flexible stencils are available in acrylic, ABS and PVC materials, and can be fabricated to measure up to 24″ x 48″.


Laser Gasket Fabrication

When needing limited quantity or quick production assistance, PBS Engraving’s laser gasket cutting services are available. This unique form of laser cutting is a must in situations where a traditional steel die yields unsatisfactory results. If needing fabric, foam, rubber, silicon vinyl, wood or other materials cut, be sure to take advantage of this valuable service.

Gasket cutting with PBS Engravings Universal laser system is the preferred method when:

  • Steel rule die cutting is not appropriate for the material
  • Run quantities are too low to justify die production
  • Prototypes are needed quickly


Rubber, Silicon, Durlon, Garloc, Delrin, Fabrics Foam, Kevlar, Leather, Matte Board, Nylon Paper, Polyester, Vinyl, Plastics, Wood.